Crucial Point Announces PasswordWonk: A fast, free and easy to use password generator


Crucial Point has just released a new web application,, which is designed to do one thing very well. It generates random passwords that meet the criteria you need for secure passwords.

PassWordWonk does this fast and easy.

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CTOlabs publishes White Paper on Empowering Analysts With Big Data, a subsidiary of the technology research, consulting and services firm Crucial Point LLC and a peer site of, has just announced a white paper titled “Empowering Analysts with Big Data.”  This paper, the results of four years of study and assessments and use case review focused on the use of Big Data in the federal government, provides design tips, concepts of operation and overarching design requirements which can inform any big data solution.

The paper underscores ways that enterprises can design systems that empower humans to do what they do best while leveraging computers to do what they do best. An analyst-centric framework is presented, including three tables of actionable information that can help designers rapidly evaluate the state of an enterprise regarding their mission focus. These tables are on “Evaluating Analyst Facing Capabilities”, “Evaluating Enterprise IT Capabilities for Big Data” and “Evaluating Enterprise Policy Factors for Big Data.”

Download your copy of this paper at this link: Empowering Analysts with Big Data



Crucial Point Announces An always on, continuously updating reference to federal cloud computing

Crucial Point has just released a new web application, is an always on, continuously updating reference to federal cloud computing activities. leverages feeds from the most reputable sites on the net. The back end capabilities include filtering, extracting, cacheing and tailoring of the feeds for rapid presentation.

For more on this reference for both government and industry see

Crucial Point Announces Providing proxy, security and VPN services to the Internet community

Crucial Point has just released a new web application,, designed to do one focused thing very well- proxy services.  ProxyWonk provides online security, proxy and VPN services for Internet users, protecting privacy and helping mitigate threats to Internet connected systems.

ProxyWonk leverages state of the art proxy and VPN technologies, scalable cloud computing grid servers, and a global content distribution network to ensure your browsing experience is not only private and safe, but as fast as possible.

Learn more and give ProxyWonk a try at


Crucial Point Announces Providing insights into user IP addresses as an aid to security and privacy

Crucial Point LLC has just released a new web application,, focused on doing one simple thing better and faster than anyone else. The IPwonk site displays the IP address of anyone viewing the application. This allows any user to confirm their IP address quickly, which can help users confirm whether or not their VPN or anonymity services are working.

IPwonk also has other optional displays which provide information being provided by user browsers and this information can also be used to help reduce privacy risks. Speed tests for sites and other web tools are also conveniently provided. But all these tests are secondary to the rapid and accurate display of IP information.

Visit IPwonk now for a fast reveal of your IP address, and be sure to bookmark the site to test it in the future.


About Crucial Point

Crucial Point LLC is a technology research, consulting and services firm. We serve three markets. We serve the enterprise technology community with insights and analysis via We serve governments and enterprises with analysis and research via  And we serve high tech firms with advanced and particularly virtuous technologies by providing business growth consulting and services.

All of our work is performed by thought leaders experienced in enterprise technology and focused on your mission needs. Our executives, PMs and analysts have experience in the entire technology stack from hardware, software, data and applications and every architecture from client server to cloud computing. We have a deep and intimate working knowledge of federal IT mission needs and the requirements of federal agencies.

CTOlabs publishes White Paper on Cleversafe for Mission Critical Data, a subsidiary of the technology research, consulting and services firm Crucial Point LLC and a peer site of, has just announced a white paper on the use of Cleversafe For Mission Critical Data.

In this paper we review the nature of mission critical data and the importance of being able to operate over mission critical data, securely, at scale. We also provide lessons learned that can contribute to your implementing of a Cleversafe-focused solution.

From the paper:

Big Data is the data too large, complex, unstructured, and rapidly expanding for traditional information infrastructure. Both government and private sector enterprises are now drawing unprecedented insight from unstructured data sources such as text, video, clickstreams, pictures, and logs. When properly leveraged and analyzed, this data can be extremely valuable, timely, and sensitive. One poignant example in national security is the information collected by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, which generated 24 years of footage alone even in 2009, and has been growing by orders of magnitude with innovations such as Gorgon Stare, which allows a single drone to capture footage of an entire city. For a private firm, this data can be the business intelligence that allows it to stand out from its competitors, or personally identifying information from millions of customers that can lead to extremely damaging breaches. This data is necessary for organizations to operate, constantly growing, and would be disastrous if leaked, stolen, or rendered inaccessible.


Access the paper at: 130115CleversafeForMissionCriticalData

CTOlabs White Paper on Model-Enabled Analysis: Factors for Evaluation, a subsidiary of the technology research, consulting and services firm Crucial Point LLC and a peer site of, has just announced a white paper on the advanced analytical construct known as ” Model-Enabled Analysis.”   This paper, titled “Model Enabled Analysis: Factors for Evaluation” provides background on model-driven analysis, an overview of criterial that can be used in evaluating solutions, and lessons learned that can be used in the deployment of solutions like these into your enterprise.

From the paper:

 This paper provides a checklist you can use to evaluate and improve your enterprise analytic framework. It is written for enterprises with the most advanced analytical challenges — those that require the best possible analysis in order to serve critically important missions. The lessons learned and conclusions outlined here result from a review of approaches and technology frameworks in place in both commercial and military settings.

But how can you choose the right solution for your enterprise? We recommend considering nine mission-focused factors in evaluating model-enabled analysis solutions. These factors are:

• Mission functionality/capability

• Ease-of-use/interface

• Architectural approach

• Data architecture

• Modeling capability

• Licensing

• Partner ecosystem

• Deployment models

• Health of the firm

The paper expands on each of those categories to provide tips you can use in evaluating any advanced analytical capability, especially those which leverage models and enhance user feedback and an ability to iterate questions.

Download the paper here:  “Model Enabled Analysis: Factors for Evaluation



CTOlabs Publishes White Paper on Enabling Trusted Mobile Computing by Integrity Verification and Compliance Assurance, a subsidiary of the technology research, consulting and services firm Crucial Point LLC and a peer site of, has just published a white paper highlighting the contributions of Integrity Verification and Compliance Assurance to enabling trusted mobile computing. This paper, which focuses on the integrity verification and compliance assurance capabilities of Fixmo, includes lessons learned relevant to enhancing security and reducing risk for your enterprise.

This paper, titled “Enabling Trusted Mobile Computing“, provides context, use-cases and helpful information which can help in your efforts to achieve the benefits of mobility for your workforce.

From the paper:

The use of mobile devices within government and industry is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace. Only a few years ago, “enterprise mobility” meant “wireless email on BlackBerry”. Today, organizations are embracing the latest iOS and Android devices and are constantly waiting to find out “what’s next”. Tablets and the iPad are revolutionizing the way field employees and knowledge workers do their jobs. And mobile apps are everywhere, on every device, and are used for both personal entertainment and business productivity. The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach has also spread through government and industry with the promise of increased employee satisfaction and productivity as well as potential cost savings and organizational efficiencies.


Security policies and safeguards have not kept pace with the growth in mobility for the enterprise, resulting in rising mobile risk. A recent survey by Trend Micro found that nearly half of all companies allowing BYOD experienced data or security breaches due to employee devices accessing corporate networks. Because employee devices can carry malware, access insecure networks, track their owners, and even surreptitiously record conversations and take photos if tampered with, ensuring device integrity is now a necessity in the modern workplace. Fortunately, there is a solution that is specifically designed to monitor and maintain system integrity while still enabling choice of device and applications. Fixmo Sentinel Integrity Services provides leading integrity monitoring, tamper detection, jailbreak detection, and policy verification to ensure that mobile devices and applications start and remain in a known trusted state.

Download the paper at:  “Enabling Trusted Mobile Computing

CTOlabs Assessment on Recorded Future: Detecting and analyzing changes through space and time, a subsidiary of the technology research, consulting and services firm Crucial Point LLC and a peer site of, has just published a white paper highlighting capabilities of Recorded Future, with a focus around new capabilities which will be of high interest to intelligence, special forces and operational military forces.

This paper, titled “Recorded Future: Detecting and analyzing changes through space and time“, provides context, use-cases and graphics which will be of use in understanding how this capability [Read more…]