About Crucial Point

Crucial Point LLC is a technology research, consulting and services firm.

We serve the enterprise technology community with insights and analysis via CTOvision.com. Please sign up for our subscription only research and analysis service at CTOvision Pro. We serve governments and enterprises with analysis and research via direct consulting services. And we serve the financial sector with technology-based due diligence assessments.

Technology is at the core of everything we do for each of these sectors. We love people even more than we love awesome technology, so if you are in a firm with great people and great technology please consider letting us serve your cause. Visit our partner page .

We focus on the tech community first

Our niche is in enterprise technology and the technologists that serve in and lead this community. You can engage with us by signing up for our newsletters , connecting to us in our LinkedIn Group of technologists, and interacting with us in our social media feeds .
And look for our new partnership with Cognitio Corporation


We speak at, arrange and attend technology events, especially those focused on the federal sector. We also maintain a reference for the use of all technologists at our events directory

The Cyber Threat

Our site on The Cyber Threat provides the community with actionable information on cybersecurity threats.